The Importance of Modular Housing in New York City

A couch opposite a fireplace in a modular home

Do you remember when Bill de Blasio was the mayor of New York City? One of the major talking points of his tenure was his decision to build and/or preserve hundreds of thousands of homes as part of the “Housing New York 2.0” project. The project was ultimately successful because de Blasio built numerous modular…

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5 Personality Traits Shared by Successful Mortgage Consultants

A woman sitting on a chair in an office

If you asked the average joe what a successful mortgage broker looks like, chances are they’d name things related to physical appearances like nice haircuts and clothes. But what about personality traits? Research shows that personality traits have a massive effect on the way a person’s career unfolds. Some studies show that being emotionally stable is vital if…

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Mortgage Glossary: Terms Mortgage Lenders Use Frequently

A man dressed in a suit pointing at a laptop screen

If ever speak with a mortgage broker, you might come across several unfamiliar terms. While mortgage consultants do their best to avoid using complex jargon, it still makes its way into conversations because of how frequently they use them! Fortunately, we’ve put together a glossary of some of the terms mortgage brokers in Ft Lauderdale use frequently.…

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How to Build Wealth Through Mixed-Use Financing

A corner store underneath an apartment

Have you ever seen an apartment block with a corner shop attached to it? That’s what a mixed-use building is like! Mixed-use buildings are used for both residential and commercial purposes. The bottom floor is typically used to run a small business such as a convenience store, while the rest of the floors are occupied by…

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