Conforming vs. Non-Conforming Mortgage Loans: Which One’s Better?

An aerial view of a cul de sac in a neighborhood

Non-profit research organization the Urban Institute recently described the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage as ‘the bedrock of the US housing finance system.’ This type of mortgage falls under two classifications: conforming and non-conforming. Both types of home loans have their own unique benefits and drawbacks—but which one’s better? Here’s a summary of how each type of mortgage works…

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How Do Mortgage Consultants Impact the Standard of Living in New York City?

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Obtaining a mortgage loan is one of the most arduous steps of the home-buying process. It requires comprehensive research, preparing applications, and checking out different mortgage products. This is where mortgage brokers come in. A mortgage broker simplifies the complex process of getting a mortgage by connecting investors and homebuyers with appropriate loans and guiding them…

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Refinancing Services: Types, Uses, Benefits

A house with a couple of garages and a paver driveway

If you’ve always wondered how to improve the terms of your home loan through refinancing services, you’re in the right place! With mortgages taking up a massive chunk of the average consumer’s debt obligations, astute borrowers are always looking for ways to minimize their premiums and pay off their home loans quickly. It’s no wonder the…

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