Mortgage Glossary: Terms Mortgage Lenders Use Frequently

A man dressed in a suit pointing at a laptop screen

If ever speak with a mortgage broker, you might come across several unfamiliar terms. While mortgage consultants do their best to avoid using complex jargon, it still makes its way into conversations because of how frequently they use them! Fortunately, we’ve put together a glossary of some of the terms mortgage brokers in Ft Lauderdale use frequently.…

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How to Build Wealth Through Mixed-Use Financing

A corner store underneath an apartment

Have you ever seen an apartment block with a corner shop attached to it? That’s what a mixed-use building is like! Mixed-use buildings are used for both residential and commercial purposes. The bottom floor is typically used to run a small business such as a convenience store, while the rest of the floors are occupied by…

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The Risks & Rewards of VA Loans

The US provides leniency in some areas to the country’s veterans to honor their services to the country. This includes the VA loan, which is a mortgage loan that is set up by the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA). The VA loans allow veterans or their spouses to get a loan for their house at…

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