Documents Required for No W2 Loans

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What is W2? A W2 document is a form that contains the information you’ll need to submit your salary or wage information to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when filing your taxes. The percentages of local, state, and any taxes taken from your salary may also be listed on your W2. You’ve most certainly received a W2 if…

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What Are Investment Property Loans?

A professional specializing in investment property mortgage

Investment properties commonly refer to one to four-unit residential homes as opposed to commercial properties that include shopping centers and apartment complexes. With the help of property investment loans, you can purchase a home to sell it for profit or rent it out for extra income. These loans are generally more difficult to obtain and have…

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6 Requirements to Qualify for VA Loans

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The Veterans Administration (VA) is a federal agency that provides veterans and active duty personnel with unique home loan perks. VA loans are among the most prevalent home mortgages in the United States—many people are attracted to them because they’re backed by the federal government. Connect with Atlantic Home Capital if you’re looking for a VA loan.…

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A Day in the Life of a Mortgage Broker

A mortgage broker with clients

Many wonder what the major responsibilities of a mortgage broker are and what they do daily. In addition to having the opportunity to earn an excellent income, they enjoy the benefits of self-employment. Though this line of work comes with its set of challenges, a career as a mortgage broker can be very lucrative and…

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