Modular Home Being Built In a warehouse

Modular Home Loans

First introduced near the end of World War II, modular homes, also called "factory-built", "prefabricated", "modular", or "prefab" are becoming as popular as ever with buyers who want flexibility when choosing their floorplans and design styles. Modular homes can come in any style the homeowner wishes, from Cape Cod to Mediterranean to Modern, and with any number of floor plans and architectural and design flourishes.

Modular homes use “construction to permanent” financing, just as if you were building a regular house. The process begins with a Construction Loan during the building phase, and then once the modular home is complete, your loan will then be converted into a “permanent” loan or mortgage.

Not all lenders offer Construction Loans in addition to Modular Home Loan Mortgages, Atlantic Home Capital is fully equipped to handle just such loans for you. Contact Us today to find out more about the construction and home loan mortgage packages that are right for you.

Atlantic Home Capital Provides

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